The Team

Director and Coach.
My name is Nicholas Jackson and I am the founder and director of Chess for Kids.
In the picture you can see me as the noble hero Colonel Fairfax disguised in a Yeoman of the Guard's uniform,
singing the words "Free from his fetters grim". Singing and chess are my two great interests, and
teaching is a little bit like acting, although you don't get to use as much make-up, and if the audience don't
like your jokes then you can always show them a new checkmate! I believe that
the beauty of chess lies in the fact that, no matter how many times you play it,
it will always be a new experience, as the number of variables involved is incredible.
Rita Atkins coaches in the Perse Junior School. In her youth she participated in many international chess tournaments and was awarded the title of Women International Master in 1991. She spent many years teaching mathematics and physics prior to working as a chess coach for Chess for Kids.
Robert Henderson coaches our courses at King's School Cambridge, which under his tutelage has
consistently been one of the top schools for chess in Cambridgeshire over the last twenty years.